Google Workspace To Office 365 Migration

Google Workspace To Office 365 Migration

Quick Overview

To change the domain (Google suit domain to Microsoft 365 domain) and migrate all the exciting emails, calendars and google doc’s from google suit to the changed Microsoft domain.

Client Profile

The client specializes in Accounting & Advisory firm that provides multiple services like outsourcing, fund accounting, compliance & tax, reporting services, and people services, etc. for all types of business including Start-ups & MNCs.

Client Requirements

The client was looking for the solution that creation of Microsoft 365 accounts to the employees in the company and all the mails, Calendars, and google doc’s need to be migrated from google suit account to Microsoft 365 account and Azure Active Directory. For this it needed a platform that makes migration simple, faster, and timelier.

Aitorch Approach

The team of experts at aitorch started by providing the client with proof of concept of how the migration from G-suit to Microsoft 365 would work. After clarifying the doubts and shedding light on how the migration would work, Aitorch proceeded with the testing of the concept and gathered list of information about employees for creation of Microsoft 365 accounts. With this information in hand, Aitorch paved the way for Migrating mails, calendars and google docs to Microsoft 365 account. And Aitorch team reduced the client’s additional burden of manually archiving of mails when mailbox is filled.


As part of project implementation, the Aitorch team faced challenges while building the infrastructure in accordance with the needs of the client and assisted client to fix the problems and doubts raised during the project implementation. Additionally, the team had to fix errors while working with email migration and Google docs migration.

Benefots To Client
  •  Detail reports on users’ creation, migration, and challenge areas.
  •  Transparency on status of project implementation.
  •  Day-To-Day update is given to client regarding the progress.
  •  Holding meetings to discuss progress.
Environments Used

Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365.


With AITORCH’s help, the client has successfully transferred almost 100% of the data (Emails, Calendars, Google documents) onto the Office 365 platform and integration with Azure Active Directory. The migration was completed promptly and efficiently, with no disruptions.